Hot chocolate - Single serving

Who can resist a very pleasant cup of hot chocolate? Nobody!
PAUSA hot chocolates are perfect to be enjoyed alone, with some sweets or as the basis for creating a delicious recipe.

Our chocolates, 100% Italian, are completely gluten free, vegan *, without dyes, without lactose and suitable for any type of request.
Perfect allies in everyday life thanks to the presence of natural antioxidants, anti-aging action and cholesterol reduction.

Available in 12 different flavors all to be discovered in the single-dose format.

All single-serve can be placed inside the PAUSA display designed to capture the customer's attention and encourage sales.

Single Dose Bag Box


- Classical
- Extra-dark
- White
- Orange and cinnamon
- White Kiss
- Salted caramel
- Chili pepper
- Milk
- Hazelnut
- Pistachio
- Nougat
Hot chocolate - Single serving