Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a non-alcoholic drink and the social media phenomenon of the moment. The mix of Boba (balls with fruit juice), tea and syrup makes this product unique, giving to the customer the opportunity to eat and drink at the same time.

How to create the perfect and unique Bubble Tea?

1. Boba: the fun part is choosing the flavor that will “pop” in your mouth!
2. The Liquid Base is everything! Green tea or black tea?
3. The work is completed with the syrup.
4. Ice of your choice, insert the drinking straw, mix everything and serve.
5. Photograph and share the perfect Bubble Tea on social networks! #PauseItaly

Bubble Tea is a unique and one-of-a-kind product: you can play by choosing different colors and different flavors to create a completely customized recipe.


- Original Without Sucrose
- Decaffeinated
- Ginseng Zero
- Caramel
- Vanilla
- Green Tea
- Ginger
- Mango
- Passion fruit